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    Doors and windows in different regions have slightly different styles

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    Each kind of doors and windows is divided into basic doors and windows and combined doors and windows. The basic doors and windows are composed of frames, fans, glass, hardware accessories, sealing materials, etc. Combination doors and windows are composed of more than two basic doors and windows with splicing materials or turning materials into other forms of windows or connecting windows and doors.

    The profiles and glass styles of aluminum doors are divided into north and south. The north is mainly characterized by thick aluminum material and stable style. The most representative is the grid style, and the most characteristic of the grid is Tange. The south is mainly characterized by various shapes and lively styles of aluminum materials. The most representative is the style of glass and glass. The styles include lattice, ice carving, shallow carving, crystal shell, etc. Among them, the iconic manufacturer is the new standard in Guangzhou.

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    8848aa 4HC44四虎WWW,调教室捆绑白丝JK震动捧娇喘,四虎影视4HU4虎成人